Marco Brosolo, aka 9, is a music producer and visual artists. His music lives between singing, song writing and electronica.

Devoted since several years in various art-projects, Marco Brosolo is an artist who explores many forms of expression: electronic songs, sound installations, theater and film music, drawing. As author and composer, he creates a kind of music wich combines the italian songwriting with the typical North Europe elecronic music, exploring multiple territories.

9 sings in English, in Italian and German as well. He collaborates with several artists so that the sound of this "music creature" is deeper and wider. On top of the digital arrangements you can find the most disparate music elements: spoken words, antipop singing, rock drumming and guitar solo, theremin and opera voice. All this is constantly processed by the 9's "green feeling" alchemic touch!
With this varied identity, 9 shows a particular approach to the songwriting, very difficult to catalogue.

Under the pseudonym 9 produced 2 records, 2 theater soundtracks and several music composition for film.