• Just
  • Common Ride
  • Drum Dream
  • I Wonder
  • KMF
  • Lullaby

    • "A fine collection of 9's socalled "digital campfire songs". Sparse, soothing and catchy electronic arrangements with a pop twist, guitar and Marco Brosolo's distinctive sung/spoken vocals.

      "Brosolo sails smooth indie seas where lopsided instrumentation (like Theremin) is brought in and he nods towards both electro and hip-hop. Actually it's more the sensibility than the actual sound that is "indie". It rests on a foundation of treated vocals and slightly clicking beats which technically could be called electronica. But sometimes lyrics are spat out nihilistic-volunerable (...) and you're still out there where the heart is on the sleeve and it is wrapped in ethereal sounds and 'big' guitars. (...) Whether you have had enough of that is a matter of taste, but 9 does it better than most."
      Cd review by Danish independent music magazine Geiger.